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                                                  REGAL ROCK & ROLL

Just around the corner from the light of day - Pete Wood (itinerant musician, London England) picked up hitchhiker Tracey Cayolle (guitar-slinger, New Orleans LA) just outside of The Women's Correctional Facility of Tallulah, Madison Parish, Louisiana.

Current historical studies place this event somewhere between October 31st 1896 and May 25th 2072.

The pair ultimately made their way to Clarksdale Mississippi - guided by forces of chance, coincidence, chaos, destiny & fate - a route allegedly chosen by esoteric methods involving cards & dice.

After procuring a case of wine, two steaks and a microphone they rented a shotgun shack - and began trading licks.

Thus it was - after 5 days & 5 nights - they had recorded an album - they called the album - and themselves -  "THE PISTOL & THE QUEEN" because no-one said they couldn't & they wouldn't have cared if they did.

Since then they have travelled hither & yon across the Southlands - from barrooms to ballrooms, casinos to cathouses, juke-joints to gin-palaces - rocking, rolling, dancing, drinking, singing, smoking, living & loving - it's what they do - they're doing it right now. 

Currently resident exiles in Memphis TN, they are working on new music to be released whenever they feel like it. 

© 2015 by The Pistol & The Queen.

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